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LRT Metro Station, Lusail City

Project Information

As one of another stunning project that BEAMEVER achieved, this time, the project was named LRT Metro Station, Lusail City, which is related to public transportation location in Qatar. Full-sense-of high technology, plus the remarkable lighting setting combine. Then it achieved tons of targets, such as to beautify the environment when people are waiting or went through the meter space; to express local culture and appreciation of art in the lighting field; to save energy as ‘green environment by applying long-term, high-quality, and beautiful BEAMEVER neon flex; cost-effective and work efficiency in the same time; open idea and well communicated between the partnership as BEAMEVER, HOARE LEALIGHTING, and Luce Ataliotis. 

Applied BEAMEVER LINIO NEON 1615 TV RGBW, one of the most popular and wide-application neon flex series products. It is fully protected as waterproof, UV resistant, solvents resistant, which to maintain beautiful outfit and long-term application in the meanwhile. Super flexible, reconnectable, well-designed, cuttable as customized and open-option to fit with different expectations in lighting projects. Super homogeneous and gorgeous luminance, exclusively design and apply for architectural both inside and outside lighting consideration. Multiple cable entry, and tons of accessories to service you better. 

BEAMEVER will always ensure the best proper installation for our client, regardless of the location and the level of quality that is provided with impeccable attention to detail is unmatched. This is even more surprising when our clients realize that the cost of the installation is quite modest when they consider all the work that is involved. This is the kind of technology that can bring out the best in any location and it can enhance the value, appeal, and even brand presence of any business. This is one of the main reasons why BEAMEVER is the number one option for this type of technology to be incorporated into any business.

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